Attract more sponsors!

  • Create your own branded Sponsor Page with a unique URL
  • Include demographics and information from past events
  • Link Sponsor Page to your event
  • Send Sponsor Page link or PDF to sponsors
  • Define unlimited sponsorships with the following information:
    • Name and description
    • Requirements (artwork, logos, etc.)
    • Price
    • Exclusive or not
    • Deposit required
    • Samples; images, PDF, or both
  • Sponsorships can be combined into packages, each package has:
    • Multiple sponsorships
    • Cost
    • Value (sum of individual sponsorships)
    • Custom imagery
  • Sponsorships can be flagged as Sold when no longer available


Accept online payments

  • Sponsors can pay for packages and individual sponsorships with a credit card directly from your sponsorship page

Additional integrated solutions

  • Payment processing: save on fees by using your own credit card processor
  • Race Pictures: we'll photograph your event and link race pictures to event page
  • Results: timers quickly and easily upload race results
  • Website: build and host your event website at no additional charge
  • Volunteer Management: create a volunteer page to manage volunteers and link to event
  • Fundraising: easily integrate a fundraising campaign with your event
    • Allow donations when participants register for event
    • Automatically create fundraising pages with event registration
    • Include fundraising progress on event page
  • Sponsors: setup a sponsorship page to raise additional revenue for your event
    • Feature sponsor logo and link on registration pages
  • Runner Tools: participants have free access to services including training programs, running log and ability to connect with other runners of like skill


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